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"Campaign to stop modern day Slavery in Colorado, demanding equal rights to the Under Represented"

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Quick Facts...

The illegal imprisonment of Black African American men
By Ignoring civil rights and bypassing courts precedures in order to rail-road our brothers.
To help grow the business of mass incarceration of the African American man, packing prisons to increase funding for the prison systems.
Sign our petition, speak up & tell someone, contact political leaders, and get active.

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In two minutes you will find out how the Colorado State Prison system is bypassing citizens rights by denying them due process which is guaranteed under the U.S Constitution. Please spread the word! Being held illegally is slavery, period! Watch our media section

Campaign Objectives

The Release of Illegally Held Citizens

Colorado state prosecutors have been taking short cuts in order to pack the prisons with inmates by denying civil rights, handing out lengthy sentences, and bypassing state & national laws in order to maximize their conviction rates.

We want and demand that these citizens are realeased as they have been denied their civil rights and are being held illegally.

Anyone being held illegally is considered to be a slave according to the U.S Constitution.

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Petition, Raising Awareness, and Informing Our Leaders

We will push communities to become aware and fully understand the issue of slavery is still relevant in this modern day.

We will confront and challenge the racial bias in our laws, policing practices, prosecutorial discretion, adjudication and sentencing.

We will demand that criminal convictions will no longer be used to deny inmates their civil rights.

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Still to Come....

We will update this section when our victories start to pour in... believe!

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Featured Case - Omar Gent

See why others signed

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    Christopher Murray says:

    "I'm the cousin of Omar Gent. He shouldn't be locked for something he didn't do. "

  • image
    Arielle James says:

    "To help free the wrongfully accused black men in Colorado "

  • image
    Kierra Gent says:

    "Abolish modern day slavery"

  • image
    Terry Cesar says:

    "Because, "inequality/injustice anywhere is a threat to equality/justice everywhere.""

  • image
    Sharon Scarr says:


  • image
    Justin Hands says:

    "I have been incarcerated and currently communicate with over 40 people whom are currently incarcerated and know of the conditions of confinement."

  • image
    Kathleen Hampton says:

    "This is an obvious and outrageous injustice!!! This young man should be set free and the powers-that-be in Colorado need to answer and atone for this!"

  • image
    keshun thompson says:

    "Because im a black male and all the slavery business has really hurt society. Leaves me wondering if its not changed now when will it ever change. Just sucks that this is a cycle thats seemed to be getting passed down and continued in new ways."

  • image
    bethania abreu says:

    "As an American History teacher I stand by the constitution and what it stood for when the Americans broke free from Britain and its king. I believe the legal system needs to follow and apply it not only for certain individuals but for all, and in this case there are missing pieces and unfortunately I don't see those rights happening for this young man."

  • image
    Wayne Wright says:

    "Too many black men are wrongly convicted and herded into prisons like animals. "

News Corner

Article feature: San Francisco Bay View Newspaper


January 23, 2014 | Colorado prisoner: ‘I am held in slavery’

I must expose this Colorado Jim Crow system in order to help others and to gain my freedom. [..] Read Full Article